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How To Stop Your Dog From Play Biting

Cute little puppies love to test out their brand new needle-like teeth. We might find this cute when they are little, but we certainly don’t want a powerful adult dog to have any biting tendencies.

Two young Husky puppies play biting
Play biting is part of a dog's natural behavior when playing with another dog

Play biting starts as soon as the litter are old enough to play. When puppies play fight they quickly learn how hard they can bite before they upset one of their brothers or sisters, but as soon as your puppy is separated from his litter he will continue mouthing with you and your family, and pulling your shoelaces with his tiny sharp teeth. This behavior is completely natural, but it must not be ignored when he arrives in his new home. He needs training out of it.

Preventing Play Biting

Training your dog to sit and stay is the first thing to master. Once he can do this you must command him to sit and stay as soon as he tries to bite you or your clothes. For this prevention method to be effective you must be very persistent. It might take a while to teach your dog not to bite, but if you stick at it he will eventually get the message. It is important that everyone in your family follows this prevention method, otherwise your pup will get confused and never learn.

A little puppy play biting
It won't hurt when he's this young, but play biting is a habit you need to nip in the bud

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