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Baby Gerbils

Baby gerbils are called pups. In captivity, they can be born in litters as large as 13 or 14, although a more normal size is six to eight. The mother (the father should be removed, otherwise he will immediately mate again with the female) will care for her young until they are ready to leave the nest, at around five weeks. They’ll still need their mother’s milk until they’re weaned, a week or two later. Mothers forcibly oust their female offspring after weaning, as they have a tendency to try and take over the nest.

 baby gerbils
Baby gerbils are four-to-a-teaspoon little things

Gerbil babies are tiny, which is not surprising considering the size of their parents. Although they look very cute, we advise against breeding these animals yourself unless you are truly an expert. There are many possible complications, but, equally importantly, here are already thousands of unwanted gerbils in shelters, looking for homes. Instead of introducing more gerbils into the world, it's far better to help some animals in need instead, and adopt.

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