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Should I Adopt A Gerbil?

Adopting a gerbil is a perfect way to get your new pets. Gerbils in shelters are in need of homes, and by adopting you are helping the shelter free more space for other rescued animals.

Shelters are charities, existing for the sole purpose of taking in rescued and unwanted animals. Most of them will look after these creatures until they are adopted. Without the work of shelters, thousands more animals would be put down each year, and so sourcing from here is a decision you can be proud of.

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"Please adopt me!"

If you're worried about the condition of the pets available in a shelter, don't be. Shelters take very good care of their animals and most of the pets here will have received vet checks. The animals may even have been neutered.

The staff will have looked after your gerbils already, and will be experts in all things gerbil. This also means that they can offer you good advice should you need it - from your pets’ personalities to the food they’ve been eating so far, and all sorts of tips in keeping the animals happy.

You can often adopt gerbils online, from people who are need to rehome their animals for various reasons. Have a look at some pet rehoming websites to see if there are any up for adoption in your local area.

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