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Gerbil Insurance

Pet insurance is available for a variety of household pets, including gerbils. You're unlikely to find a policy specifically intended for gerbils (although this might change), but the furry little cutesters are usually included in the list of eligible pets under a ‘small mammal’ insurance plan. Check the plan first, though, just in case!

Shop around to see which plans offer you the coverage you need for the best price.

gerbil needs
Gerbil insurance protects you against some vet costs, in the event of your pet requiring treatment

Another option some owners go for is to put aside a little pot of money, to be used in the event of your gerbils falling ill. Put aside a few dollars a week, and you’ll soon build up a handy nest of money to help cover unexpected vet fees. These fees vary according to the treatment required, but keeping the pot topped up to three figures will certainly help.

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