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Hypoallergenic Guinea Pigs

People prone to animal allergies will probably be allergic to guinea pigs, in the same way as they are allergic to cats and dogs. It’s a good idea to let the family spend time with a friend or neighbor’s guinea pigs, to see if allergies are going to be an issue.

The basic allergy symptoms include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, irritated eyes, and wheezing. In extremely rare cases exposure can cause anaphylactic shock in people with severe allergic reactions. If you suspect that you or anyone else in the household may have a serious animal allergy, getting tested by a professional is strongly advised.

 Guinea pig allergy
Allergic reactions are caused by proteins found on guinea pigs’ skin, and in their saliva and urine

Guinea Pig Allergy

It’s commonly thought that animal allergies are caused by the hair itself, but in fact it’s material on the hair and skin that causes the problem. Allergies come from proteins found in skin secretions, saliva, and urine.

All mammal and bird pets produce these allergens. But if you’re suddenly wheezing and sneezing around your guinea pigs, it might actually be their hay that’s causing the problem. If you or anyone else in the household is prone to hayfever and similar plant-provoked allergies, try storing the pets’ hay in a dry place outside the house, and use a mask and gloves when cleaning out cage.

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Destiny, 13 June 2021

When I’m around my Guinea pig my face get itchy I start sneezing coughing my eye irritates me

Lily, 6 April 2021

When I am around guinea pigs, my eyes get itchy, I start sneezing, coughing, my eyes water, and if I pick them up, I’ll get a rash. I’m fine with all other animals and we’ve tried using different hay. Is that normal?