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Guinea Pigs With Long Hair

Long-haired guinea pigs vary in the length of their locks. Peruvian guinea pigs, for example, have hair that can grow up to twenty inches if left untrimmed!

GPs with long hair need regular trimming and constant grooming. Many owners opt to cut the hair short, or - easier still - opt for a shorter haired variety. Guinea pigs can become very uncomfortable if their hair is not trimmed, as it can restrict their vision and movement.

long-haired Guinea pig breeds
Long-haired guinea pig breeds such as this Sheltie require lots of grooming and hair care

Although grooming guinea pigs' hair takes time, many owners of long-haired breeds love it, and the GPs enjoy the attention too. There is no doubt that a beautifully-groomed long-haired guinea pig show winner is a spectacular beast.

Long-haired guinea pig breeds include:

  • Coronet
  • Lunkyara
  • Peruvian
  • Sheltie
  • Silkie
  • Texel

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