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How To Keep Guinea Pigs Clean and Healthy

Keeping your pet GPs healthy is not a tricky job. A warm, clean hutch, a healthy balanced diet, a weekly health check, a bit of brushing, nail trimming, and a bath every month or so, and they should thrive.

Older guinea pigs, individuals with specific health problems, and all varieties with very long hair require a little more of your time. For example, old male GPs often have problems going to the toilet and will need extra help keeping their fur clean.

 healthy Guinea pig
A healthy Guinea Pig

Some health problems are helped by more regular GP bathing - if they have been infested with lice, for example. There are also oral treatments available to prevent and treat mange, a particularly common and uncomfortable condition guinea pigs. Always Ask a vet for advice, and keep an eye on your pets to catch health problems early.

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