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Do I Need To Give My Guinea Pigs Vaccinations?

Unlike dogs, cats and rabbits, guinea pigs are not usually given vaccinations against common diseases. This is a measure of how relatively robust they are.

guinea pig vaccinations
A picture of health - guinea pigs don't really need vaccinations

Instead of vaccinating your pets, you can simply give them a weekly health check. Make sure they have plenty of vitamin C in their diet from fresh foods and fortified dried food. This way you will help them stay fit and healthy without having to be vaccinated.

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Do i need to vaccinate my guinea pig for plague


Jenny, 16 November 2018

I think that guinea pigs shouldn’t be vaccinated if they are given the right healthcare

Stephanie, 2 May 2017

That's not fair guinea pigs deserve to be vaccinated against these common diseases they are apart of people's families and I don't know about other people but as soon as I get my pet guinea pig I'm having it neutered and vaccinated they deserve a good life like dogs and cats and I don't need to be worried all the time people who don't vaccinate they're animals are fools and stupid and I don't agree that guinea pigs don't need it maybe they don't but that be a plus from Stephanie franche