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Tips for Protecting Chickens Against Predators

To keep those cunning carnivores away, take note of the following:

  • Always close the birds in their coop at night.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of a tough chicken coop - a sturdy structure such as the Eglu and Eglu run will keep your birds safe.
  • Chicken wire isn’t designed to keep predators out, it simply keeps the chickens in! Make sure your fencing is dug deep, to keep out the diggers such as foxes and raccoons.

  • New Hampshire Red hen and rooster
    This New Hampshire Red hen needs more protection than a vigilant rooster when there are predators about

  • Electric poultry netting is a very effective means of securing chickens.
  • A net covering can keep out airborne attacks, and orange netting is particularly effective.
  • If you're having predator issues in the neighborhood, increase the height of your fence to at least six feet all the way round.
  • In the daytime, a chicken-friendly pet dog can help deter would-be hen-snatcher such as raccoons and mink.
  • Consider getting rid of any potential predator perch or cover within the vicinity of the chicken run.
  • Don't leave any food scraps lying around the garden - they act like a homing beacon for scavengers and opportunistic chicken-muggers.
  • Always make sure your bins are securely closed.
  • Male human urine scattered around the site deters creatures such as foxes and weasels (no kidding!)
  • Bags of human hair or smelly socks in the garden work in the same way!
If there is no male available or everyone in your household is bald, you can buy a chemical repellent!

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Ginny, 5 June 2022

HELP. Some animal opened the sliding tray on our Omlet coop, entered and ate 4 chickens.