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Check Out the Chickens

This section looks at different chicken breeds, where to buy them, and what to expect from your new pets. It also takes a quick look at how chickens came to conquer the planet as the most widespread livestock of all time.

Rhode Island Red hens free range
The colorful world of chickens

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Quilico, 18 April 2021

How far from the coop to chickens go?

Ibrahim, 1 April 2020

Hi I am looking aseel roster

Suz, 24 March 2020

Hi, We’re looking at the idea of some chickens with the Go Up, some things online have said grass isn’t an essential, in which case, would it be best to get some sort of floor liner to put bark on? Thanks!

Jerlene, 22 August 2019

I’m interested in raising and saling Brahma chickens. Does anyone have suggestions and what they sale for??

Debbie, 10 July 2018

Love my chicken home, so easy to clean. Girls are happy & take themselves to bed