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365 days of chickens

Woman and child crouching next to the Eglu Pro large chicken coop
Keep your flock happy and healthy throughout all seasons with Omlet’s chicken products.

Chickens are known for being adaptable in just about any climate. They’ll flock together through the changing seasons – from finding shaded areas to get out of the summer sun to retreating to their coop to escape the bitter cold winter wind. But a helping hand from humans can go a long way in supporting your flock through the changing of the seasons. The aid you provide will strengthen the bond between you and your chickens, and can provide an enjoyable outdoor activity for you and your family to look forward to every few months. Here’s a look at what a chicken keeper’s year looks like, and tips on how to help your hens through each season.

Omlet and the seasons

We’ve made it easier than ever to prepare your flock for the changing of the seasons. From chicken run weather covers to extreme temperature protection for chicken coops, it’s fast and easy to prepare your hens for harsh weather. Combined with the overall dependability of our chicken coops, your flock will be supported and comfortable all year round.

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