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Choosing Your Chicken Coop

Choosing a new chicken coop is an exciting part of diving into the world of chickens. The importance of this essential element to house hens cannot be understated – it’s what will keep your flock safe, warm, and dry – and will provide your hens a secure place to nest and lay their eggs. There are many options available when selecting a chicken coop, and choosing the right fit for you and your flock will benefit you, the chicken-keeper, as much as the hens you house in it.

What makes the best chicken coop?

Your flock size, available space, and personal preferences all play into picking out the perfect chicken coop – but, there are a few universal chicken coop must-haves. The best chicken coops need to have 6 characteristics. If your chicken coop lacks these essentials, your hens won’t feel secure or comfortable in their home. And, as their keeper, you’ll spend hours repairing and maintaining poorly made chicken coops.

woman crouching next to the eglu pro large chicken coop
Our biggest ever coop, the Eglu Pro is designed with safety, comfort and security in mind.


Your flock needs their own fortress to sleep in each night. Chickens are prey animals, and are very vulnerable to attacks from chicken predators. You’ll also want to make sure that your chickens’ coop keeps nest-raiders like rats, snakes, raccoons, and foxes away from your hens’ eggs.

Roosting space

Chickens have a natural desire to roost in a safe, elevated space to sleep at night. Because of their anatomy, hens are most comfortable when they’re able to easily grip a roost and rest their weight until their feathers settle over their feet. Roosting areas should be separate from nesting boxes to prevent flock-members from sleeping in and soiling their egg-laying area.

Nesting area

Along with a designated sleeping space, hens need a secluded area to lay their eggs. Nesting areas, or “boxes” should be large enough for your largest hen to be able to stand and turn around comfortably, but not so large that it loses its cozy, secure feel. Without a nesting box, hens will lay their eggs wherever they feel most secure, which are usually hidden from their keepers. To avoid a perpetual Easter egg hunt, provide your hens with a designated nesting area from the start. As a general rule, up to 4 hens can share 1 nesting box.


Hens have natural insulation due to the arrangement of their feathers, but extreme weather can cause distress. Having an insulated chicken coop will protect your flock from the worst that nature has to offer. Chicken coops shouldn’t be airtight, as this will create interior moisture buildup and cause respiratory issues in hens.


Ventilation may seem like the antithesis of insulation, but in reality they work together to create the ideal environment for your flock. Ventilated chicken coops expel moisture and circulate fresh air, keeping the temperature comfortable and improving the air quality. Stuffy chicken coops are breeding grounds for bacteria and respiratory issues, but well ventilated hen houses stay safe and fresh.

Protection from the elements

Chicken coops should be made from weather-proof materials that succumb to the elements. Rain, snow, ice, intense heat, humid weather, and high winds can all wreak havoc on weak chicken coops. Choosing a hen house made from lasting materials will keep your flock safe from forces of nature.

Man stood admiring his chickens inside Eglu Cube chicken coop run.
The Eglu Cube chicken coop with customizable run is perfect for any backyard.

Other features

Aside from the essentials, there are a few other chicken coop features that make caring for your flock easy and enjoyable. These include:

Omlet chicken coops

At Omlet, we’ve designed our chicken coops to be comfortable for your flock and convenient for you to maintain. When you house your hens in our expertly designed coops, combined with the secure freedom of our walk in chicken run, keeping chickens is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all ages.

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Maleficent enjoying her new run!
The Eglu Cube - the perfect Coop for my Chickens!


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