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Chicken care

Keeping chickens is a fun and rewarding experience. Chickens are unique pets that lay breakfast and give companionship in return for your caring for them. And, with our products, taking care of your chickens isn’t complicated. In fact, chickens are simple to keep when you have the right equipment.

What you need to care for your chickens

Taking care of chickens comes down to a few essentials:

The rest is a matter of personal preference. You get to decide on your chicken-keeping routine and schedule, what type of feed to offer, and seasonal weather preparations. We’re here to help you make informed decisions on these and more in the following section.

Medical care for chickens

Chickens are hardy pets, and while there are no required vaccines for chickens in the US, you’ll still want to find a veterinarian that can treat your chickens should they get sick or injured. Not all veterinarians will see chickens, so it’s important to get established with one before the need arises to make sure your flock will be taken care of. Plus, a veterinarian who treats poultry will be a great resource throughout your chicken-keeping journey.

Caring for your chickens with Omlet

Omlet makes it possible for you and your entire family to enjoy caring for your flock. From automatic chicken coop doors that take the pressure of off rising early, to one-of-a-kind customizable PoleTree chicken perches that showcase your hens’ athleticism and beauty, we have everything you need to make lasting connections and memories with your flock.

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