Low Maintenance Birds!

If you are looking for a low-maintenance easy-going pet then your search is over - chickens are seriously chilled out! No need to take for walks, chickens quite happily look after themselves and unlike a rabbit or goldfish, Omlet chickens come with a lifetime supply of eggs. All you need to do to collect this amazing free prize is ensure a supply of fresh clean water and food, (layers mash and the odd slug salad. This will keep them in tip top condition.

If you are expecting some special guests, then why not give your chicken a quick wash making sure you get behind the wattle. Don't worry everything is explained in this chapter.

Our chickens feel very safe inside their extendable chicken runs
Our chickens feel very safe inside their extendable Chicken Runs

This section will run through the basic daily needs of your chickens, and the different jobs you will need to do in order to have happy hens. Good hen husbandry is very important to have healthy happy chickens. But fear not, Omlet is here to help; you are in the right place to get all the chicken care information you will need.

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Chris, 9 July 2011

Very good! Helped me as i were unsure if i should keep chickens or not

Clare, 14 April 2011

Very good! Everrything that you need to know.

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