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Comments for A Typical Daily Routine For A Dog Or Puppy

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Evelyn, 5 May 2020

I was on my way to getting a puppy and herd about having a routine this was so helpful thanks.

Bev, 9 March 2020

Hi. Sorry but I think this sentence is really bad advice. You should leave dinner to settle at least half an hour before exercise otherwise it can lead to bloat. "Shortly after he has finished eating, take him outside to use all of the energy he has built up throughout the day."

Caelen, 3 June 2019

A good routine makes a good dog

Practical, 18 March 2019

When designing a schedule for a puppy, always include options for hyper activity. When a puppy is drained after a long day of playing, it will need some time to recharge.

Jazmin, 20 February 2019

Thank you this was help. I’m a frist time dog owners and I was freaking out you made me feel better.

Classified, 18 February 2018

This was soooooooo helpful thanks so much!!!!!