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Neha, 4 February 2020

My Java Sparrow female one, is having/developing a round reddish boil like thing just at the starting point of tail at the upper surface side.. Kindly tell me what should I do? I have noticed this today morning.

Kayla, 16 January 2020

My female zebra finch is bleeding from her but I think it’s kinda brown and she’s been really stressed her but it’s kinda balled .what should I do!!!!!!help

Hareb, 25 October 2019

I had eight finches and now since three weeks two died I realize that four of the rest are having feathers lose and also they lost weight and see some bald patches can you recommend any med or treatment for them

Arnold, 7 October 2019

My female Fench has like red or blood ring around her neck

Annie, 21 August 2019

My finch is acting normally other than more grooming and two semi bald patches on either side of his neck. what should i do?

Boardman, 11 August 2019

My canary seems to be pulling his feathers out, and is leaving stubs of the feathers underneath the skin is raw any ideas

Jagadeesh, 6 August 2019

I having six finches but one was gon in the looseig feather diese only five is more but tow finches also same position. so what can I do for save my finches please give your remedy. Please healp me.

Irene, 6 July 2019

I have 8 finch 6 male 2 female is losing alot of feathers normal. And there is alwsys new eggs but i get rid of them. Am i stressing them out. And if so wat should i do.

Zaira, 2 June 2019

I bought a finch and has no tail. Will he develop one later or he was born deffective. He cant fly.

George, 26 April 2019

My canary has scaly fingers.I am using Bird Bath Spray,the scales disappear,but overnight they grow back again.Is there any help? Thanks!

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