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Finch Clubs and Shows

There are many societies all around the world dedicated to certain types of finches and associated bird shows, along with local fanciers’ clubs. For many people, finch shows are what it’s all about as it provides them not only with the opportunity to show off their best birds, but also meet with and talk to fellow finch fanciers. Some bird clubs will provide literature that includes details of show standards for your particular varieties of finch, as well as all the rules for shows and exhibitions.

Crested Canaries of various types (including this Gloster) can be found at bird shows

Show Cages

Show cages look similar to the display cages you’ll find in pet shops. They are usually made of plastic and consist of three solid sides and a barred front. This arrangement prevents the bird from having it’s feathers ruffled by the activity going on outside the cage, and allows judges to study the bird without any background interference. At shows it is always one bird per cage.

If you are planning on showing your birds, make sure the cage you plan on using is spotlessly clean and rust-free, and be sure to check with your local club or society to check exactly how the cage needs to be set up. You will also need to make sure that the door-fasteners are secure. The cage will have to be prepared according to show specifications, so again, check with a seasoned pet dinch exhibitor to make sure everything is in order.

The inside of a show cage is almost always white, or a light blue if the bird on display has white as a base color. Each cage should have two perches so that your finch can hop from one side to another. Make sure the perches are positioned in a way so that the bird’s tail doesn’t rub on the sides of the cage when he’s perched. The perches you buy should also be a suitable size for the bird’s feet, if it is too wide the bird won’t be able to sit comfortably, which will have a negative effect on its score in the show. When seated, a bird’s tail should not touch the sides of the cage.

Yellow Canaries in showcage
Canaries in a showcage

Food and water will also be needed, as a finch on display will be spending a lot of time in his cage. Usually it is recommended that the food should be seed only, ideally placed on a layer of kitchen towel to eliminate the need for bulky food trays. Water can be provided in a standard small L-shaped drinker attached low down on one of the sides.

Other than this, the bird’s cage should be kept completely clear - no toys, mirrors or swings, and nothing to identify the bird’s owner. Once the finch is inside, be sure to properly close the cage to prevent it accidently opening during the show (some people use tape to fully secure it).

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Mike, 20 June 2021

Does anybody know of any bird clubs in the New York area, including Brooklyn New York that are scheduling a 2021 show

Richard, 10 December 2019

Has anyone got any hartz mountain roller canarys got sale.or knows a breeder.thanks Richard.

Paul, 10 September 2019

I'm chairman of Redditch Cage Bird Society. We have an open show on Saturday 12th October at Lodge Park Social Club. We also hold auctions every two weeks on Sunday mornings at Batchley Community Centre. Feel free to contact me for more details or join Redditch Cage Bird Society on Facebook

Mike, 28 August 2019

Does anybody know if New York finch and type canary club has scheduled a 2019 show date?

Darren, 25 August 2019

I've just built and aviary and I've got a handful of finches but I'd love a few rarer varieties is there any finch shows or auctions you could tell me about Thanks for any info Darren