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Cage Fixtures

Unlike their parrot cousins, finches don’t require an array of toys and items to keep themselves entertained, and will be perfectly content with the following:
  • At least two perches, ideally one at each end of the cage from front to back allowing the birds to fly from one end to the other.

  • Food and water bowls

  • A Cuttlefish bone, ideally clipped onto the side of the cage

  • A swing (this only really applies to Canaries, other finches will be perfectly happy without this).

  • A bird bath

  • Paper or sawdust to line the bottom tray part of the cage. Do not use cat-litter or similar products.

  • Zebra finches and other related finch types like to sleep in nests, these are optional but the birds will be grateful if you do provide these.

  • Traditional Canary cage
    A traditional-style Canary cage

    Canary Cage Fronts

    Many suppliers advertise and sell bird cage fronts. These are often used by breeders, pet shops, bird fanciers who attend shows and anyone else who has their birds on display for others to see. They act simply as a cage front that attaches to an otherwise solid display “box cage”. A lot of the time, several of these box cages will be stacked on top of each other in their bird houses. If you plan on keeping your birds in such cages, remember that their cages should be at least 8in in width for maximum comfort.

    If you are buying a complete cage, you won’t have to worry about a cage front.

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    Paula, 15 April 2020

    Hi how sturdy is this cage and will my canary have plenty of flying room????what prevents the food and water from bird poo..what are the dimensions of the cage thank you