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Why Is My Gerbil Chirping?

Gerbils can make a variety of noises, from squeaks to chirps. If you notice that your gerbil is making a peculiar noise it’s natural to be a bit worried, but there are lots of different reasons for vocalisations, and some of them are perfectly normal. Below we discuss two potential causes - relationships between gerbils, and health issues.

One of the reasons gerbils squeak and chirp is to talk to each other. Do you have more than one gerbil? If you do not, you will need to get another. Gerbils are very family orientated and will be very depressed without a friend to talk to. Have a look at our pages on introducing gerbils if you’re worried about how you would go about this. If your have baby gerbils and a gerbil mother, then the chirping could be the babies talking to each other and calling out for mum.

gerbils chirping
There are a number of reasons for gerbils chirping at one another - it's used for communication, both to each other and to you

Another potential cause of the noise is some form of health problem. Does the noise sound as if it’s caused by pain? Is your gerbil in any distress? If you suspect that your gerbil is unwell then it will need to be taken to the vet. If it’s a wheezy kind of chirp, and it happens as your gerbil breathes, then it could be a respiratory infection that’s causing the noise. Does your gerbil exhibit any other symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as sneezing or a runny nose? If so, it could be that the gerbil needs to see a vet.

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6 week old gerbil, chirps randomly


Sara, 2 June 2023

My Girble sqeeks at me when I'm interrupting his sleep as to say, Hey, i was sleeping!! I dont have children so, he stays in the living room and sees us and the dog all the time! I think he gets cranky.. lol

Inez, 22 September 2019

When I first got my gerbils, one of them was happier and more comfortable than the other, now, it’s the other way around. She seems to be loosing hair and no longer climbs up my hand. I’m extremely worried for her. Every time I try to pick her up, she squeaks.

Eli, 16 October 2018

Recently, my gerbil has been squeaking and squealing on and off, and I’m becoming worried. I’ve given him cardboard to chew on, but is still squeaking. It sound like a pipping noise, and I’m very worried. I may take him to the vet. He is about 2 years old, and I fear for his health and well-being.

Trinity, 30 September 2018

My gerbil recently got hurt and he is starting to sleep a lot, which I think is normal. But he started making little squeaky sounds, some sounds even sound like what baby gerbils make (like a sucking sound.)