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How Much Do Gerbils Cost?

A Mongolian gerbil, the commonest species available, usually costs between five and twenty dollars per animal. This varies depending on your source of pet.

For the lowest cost, you should approach a pet rescue/adoption centres. It really is a great thing to do, adopting pets from a shelter - the animals in them desperately need a home, and the shelter really needs your support in order to keep going! Animal shelters are wonderful organisations. They help pets in need, and their staff are full of excellent advice.

gerbil cost
Mongolian gerbils are the ones most commonly found in pet shops

Fat-tailed gerbils, and the other breeds available, are relative newcomers to the pet market, and so they are harder to source. This means they cost more than their Mongolian relatives, with prices in the range of twenty to forty dollars.

Check out the Getting A Gerbil pages of our guide for more information on such topics as transporting gerbils home, choosing where to buy or adopt, and providing your gerbils with everything they need.

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An Omleteer, 28 October 2022

I want a gerbil ???? but have no idea what to do and how much it costs cause one site said 100-150 dollars per gerbil and one said 5-10 dollars per gerbil. Which one is true?!

Owen, 21 May 2020

I want a rabbit or a gerbil