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Can You Get A Gerbil Neutered?

Male gerbils can be neutered once they reach the age of five months. Any younger and the anaesthetic can prove lethal. Even when they are over five months, they will need to be checked to make sure they are in a healthy enough condition to survive the operation.

Pricewise, the procedure will cost from sixty dollars upwards, so it pays to shop around. The operation will need to be performed by a vet who specializes in small mammals. Some surgeries don’t have a small mammal vet at all.

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Consider the options before taking a Gerbil to be neutered

Does Your Gerbil Need To be Neutered?

First of all, ask yourself whether your pet actually needs the operation. If it’s being kept with other males only, there’s no need for the procedure.

If you’re keeping a mixed-sex cage, or if separation means leaving one of the gerbils on its own, you will indeed have to neuter the males. However, if you have two males and two females, it’s better to consider separating them in two enclosures, one for the males, one for the females.

Is It Risky To Neuter A Gerbil?

There are risks associated with all operations, particularly those that involve general anaesthetics. The older and less healthy your pet is then the greater the risk that complications occur, but they can happen to any pet of any age. It’s good to be aware that before the operation you’ll probably need to sign some forms allowing your vets to take emergency action should it be needed during the procedure.

One important thing that your vet should already know to do is to use internal stitches on this species. Any external stitches are likely to be pulled out or moved around by the gerbil or its cage-mates during grooming.

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