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Dry Guinea Pig Food

Dry guinea pig food can be bought from pet stores or online. Many are enriched with key nutrients, and whichever one you choose, ensure it's formulated specifically for guinea pigs. You also need to bear in mind that a food enriched with vitamin C will have a short shelf life, as the vitamin disappears over time. Buying in small amounts that you can use up over a month is the best way to benefit from the added supplements before they degrade.

guinea pig dry foods vary
Guinea pigs need a good quality dry food every day

Each adult guinea pig needs between ⅛ and ¼ cup of dry food daily. They will need a bit more if they are recuperating, pregnant, or suckling. If dry food is regularly left in the bowl at the end of each day, you're overfeeding your pets.

When choosing dry food for your GPs, make sure you're not being sold dry rabbit food. This doesn't have enough vitamin C for guinea pigs, and can even contain substances which re toxic to them.

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