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African Grey Parrot

A african grey parrot's beautiful white face and grey wing feathers A african grey parrot showing off it's wonderful, red tail feathers A african grey parrot showing off its great wing span A close up of a african grey parrot's beautiful eyes The brilliant grey and white feather pattern of the african grey parrot A african grey parrot's wonderful, grey and white chest feathers A african grey parrot showing off its lovely, long neck A close up of a african grey parrot's big, beautiful eyes A lovely african grey parrot's beautiful, white face Two beautiful african grey parrots perched on a branch

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7 months
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Sweet and lovely African grey parrots for sale - Yvetteperez, England,

I have for sale a beautiful playful and healthy African grey parrot. Does not bite or nip interacts with everyone in the family loves to play and get scratches steps up eats pallets, seeds and fresh fruit and vegetables they are 3 of them 2 males and a female .

Don't underestimate these birds - Marilyn,

African Grey parrots are young children dressed in feathers and bear no resemblance to the budgies you probably grew up with. And, like children, they must have your full-time company to thrive. Greys experience the whole range of human emotions - love, joy, depression, frustration, anger and loneliness - have incredible memories, and eagerness to learn. They have an understanding of humour, will clown around and even make fun of you. They may bite you until you learn how to do things right and avoid confrontation. They will speak to you in your own voice and/or soak up new tunes to whistle and never forget them. Be prepared for Christmas carols in July! To have a Grey or, preferably and more kindly, two Greys join your family is a challenge and commitment not to be taken lightly; with luck and good health they could be with you for 30-40 years, oh joy.