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Red Shouldered Macaw

A red shouldered macaw showing off it's wonderful, long, green tail feathers A close up of a red shouldered macaw's beautiful green chest and white face A close up of a red shouldered macaw's incredible, strong beak A red shouldered macaw's beautiful, long, green tail feathers A red shouldered macaw's lovely green feathers and white face Two red shouldered macaws perched together on a branch

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Great little bird, big personality! - Kim,

Also known as Hahn's Macaw or Mini Macaw. Like any other parrot they do demand a lot of time and attention. They are similar to the large Macaws but much smaller in size. They own you, not the other way round! Has quite a loud alarm call when startled. Very intelligent and can learn to speak. Mine isn't a prolific talker. Easy to keep given the right conditions and environment. Loves to scrabble about in cardboard boxes to keep busy. Medium sized bird with a huge personality! I love my Lilo!