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Blue Winged Parrotlet

A blue winged parrotlet with lovely blue and green feathers Two beautiful blue winged parrotlet's on a perch together A blue winged parrotlet's wonderful green feather pattern A blue winged parrotlet's wonderful yellow and green chest feathers A beautiful blue winged parrotlet, feeding in a tree Two blue winged parrotlets perched on a branch Two lovely blue winged parrotlets perched high up in a tree

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Here is bee beee
Zazu the parrotlet
Zazu the parrotlet

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Where can I get a parrotlet? - Joann,

I’ve had birds my whole life however I recently lost my best bird friend. . My heart is broken. He was the smartest. , playful, funny, loving 4” friend I ever had! Parrotlets have so much love in a tiny body , super smart and very easy to keep.

Really good - Liam,

I have had my parrotlet for just over a year now his name is bee bee and he’s really socially Kind

I love bee bee - Liam,

I have a parrotlet called bee bee and they are the sweetest birds ever there so noisy in the day and they are really intelligent birds my parrotlet is trained so when he sees gold blanket he goes to bed 🦜

I have had several parrotlets over the past 20 years. - Anne,

These little parrots are fisity and can be friendly if handled frequently. They are quite and small. They often chitter to themselves, I love to hear their gentle happy noise. Great small bird.