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A budgerigar's beautiful green and yellow chest A close up of a budgerigar's beautiful colour patterns A lovely budgerigar feeding on it's perch A lovely budgerigar with a wonderful, yellow and black feather pattern Two budgerigars feeding on a perch A budgerigar's wonderful green and blue chest feathers A close up of a budgerigar's lovely yellow head feathers A lovely budgerigar perched inside a cage A wonderful budgerigar perched in a tree Two beautiful budgerigars perched on a branch together

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Plane spotting!
Enjoying a nice evening outside
Nice tropical colours
Welcoming a new friend
Yum Yum
Lutino and Cobalt coloured budgie pair
My and budgie playing
Bubbles the budgie
Bubbles the budgie
Four yellow budgies in a box with sawdust
A green and black budgie
A baby chick hatching from an egg
Peter P!
Cute Australian Budgerigar Chick
Cutest Baby Budgies
peri the male budgie
mum sitting and dad feeding
my first ever budgie chick at 4 weeks old
Crested budgie

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my blue budgie sky, he has been with me for five months and honstly it has been the best five months with him. i love him sooooooooo much - Mia,

i love my budgie he is very nice and is a lovey pet i think people should love these cute creatures budgies are the best in my opinion :D


I had my first Melopsittacus Undulatus couple in my early teens. After the lady budgerigar died I didn't get another budgie until this millenium. In 2023 November I bought 3 females (3 months old): Winter Frost (light blue, white head), Spring Grass (green with yellow head), and Summer Sun (all yellow dark eyed). In December I got a 7 months old male: Autumn Rainv(blueish grey body, yellow head). In January 2024 I added a boy, Blue Sky (cobalt with white head), and a girl, Snow White (albino with red eyes). It took several months to tane them all to sit on my index finger while eating millet. They were phone camera shy. Now I am planning to get two baby boys together and I have already van empty cage waiting. There is a change that I and my retired Mom will tend an English variant with unnaturally short tail feathers. He is two years old greyish boy, Teddy. A big tender teddy bear. Six budgies eat one kilo of seeds in a month (5,39€) and some alfalfa plus carliflower. You need to change the bottom paper and give them fresh water with a few drops of vitamins every day. Let them fly freely in a safe room all the time or get a 1.5m/5' kibg case with controlled evening flights outside. Two is a minimum, six is a flock. With slow movements, a lot of patience, and millet buds you can train them to sitvon your index finger. Love them and they will love you back. While you can't hug or pet them you can scratch their head in a year or two. They live from (this varies) 5 to 10 years or 60 to 120 months, but they will have babies in a year. Do not interbreed! Swap with friends and sell some away. Godspeed!

Parakeets - Steve,

Starting to breed parakeets lovely little birds

Budgie - Courtney,

My Parakeet/Budgie came from a pet store, he was a mean little thing, but with patience and love he came out of his mean little shell and now he is the sweetest bird ever.. I will say "Give Mommy kisses", and he will fly to my shoulder and kiss me on my cheek , neck, or on my lips! He has also warmed up to my daughter as well ( which he was not a fan of hers in the beginning!) I have had lovebirds before, but hands down Budgies are my total favorite!!!!!!

The best bird - Zachary,

I love their personality. They had a small cage, and I upgraded them to a 3x3x4 cage. When I first put them in it, they thought they were to good for me. But now they perch on my shoulder all day.