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A budgerigar's beautiful green and yellow chest A close up of a budgerigar's beautiful colour patterns A lovely budgerigar feeding on it's perch A lovely budgerigar with a wonderful, yellow and black feather pattern Two budgerigars feeding on a perch A budgerigar's wonderful green and blue chest feathers A close up of a budgerigar's lovely yellow head feathers A lovely budgerigar perched inside a cage A wonderful budgerigar perched in a tree Two beautiful budgerigars perched on a branch together

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Plane spotting!
Enjoying a nice evening outside
Nice tropical colours
Welcoming a new friend
Yum Yum
Lutino and Cobalt coloured budgie pair
My and budgie playing
Bubbles the budgie
Bubbles the budgie
Four yellow budgies in a box with sawdust
A green and black budgie
A baby chick hatching from an egg
Peter P!
Cute Australian Budgerigar Chick
Cutest Baby Budgies
peri the male budgie
mum sitting and dad feeding
my first ever budgie chick at 4 weeks old
Crested budgie

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Budgie - Courtney,

My Parakeet/Budgie came from a pet store, he was a mean little thing, but with patience and love he came out of his mean little shell and now he is the sweetest bird ever.. I will say "Give Mommy kisses", and he will fly to my shoulder and kiss me on my cheek , neck, or on my lips! He has also warmed up to my daughter as well ( which he was not a fan of hers in the beginning!) I have had lovebirds before, but hands down Budgies are my total favorite!!!!!!

The best bird - Zachary,

I love their personality. They had a small cage, and I upgraded them to a 3x3x4 cage. When I first put them in it, they thought they were to good for me. But now they perch on my shoulder all day.

Good best friends. - Adja,

Soo friendly! And makes a good bestie in quarantine!

easily the best bird - Ryan,

They are lovely, always active and happy

Hi i am Lucinda and I have 13 budgies and they are all real friendly ☺️ - Lucinda,

Budgies are 1of the friendliest birds