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Hyacinth Macaw Parrots

A hyacinth macaw's lovely, blue and black feather pattern A hyacinth macaw's incredible blue feathers A hyacinth macaw's incredibly strong beak A hyacinth macaw's wonderful, black beak A close up of a hyacinth macaw's beautiful yellow feathers around its eyes A hyacinth macaw's beautiful blue feather pattern A hyacinth macaw's lovely yellow feathers around it's eyes A hyacinth macaw's wonderful, long, dark tail feathers A close up of a hyacinth macaw's big, black beak Two incredible hyacinth macaws perched on a branch together

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Arastotle 35 years old parrot.

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Extraordinary - Carlie,

A pet hyacinth macaw is a gift. They are long lived with a natural curiosity - strangely delicate in psyche. They can bond to one person or be more outgoing and be comfortable with strangers. They have a Large/Strong beak and need continuous training from an early age on to be gentle with humans especially during play. Hyacinths are the only parrot who have a diet high in nuts (unique in the parrot world). Macadamia and Brazil nuts are daily staples along with veggies and fruit and avian pellets. Hyacinths can be both loving and demanding and travel with a Hy is challenging. Hyacinths are too large for an airline cabin carrier, so travel is limited to car trips or airplane animal hold areas. Any international travel requires extensive planning, permitting and possible use of animal relocation specialist, all expensive endeavors. (Hys are on Appendix I of the CITEs Treaty and require extensive information and permitting to travel across international boarders). Unfortunately, if you get a young Hy when you are an adult, the Hy will most likely outlive you. Plan to leave care instructions in a will or with loved ones so that your Hy has a happy forever after when you are no longer around to care for your beloved pet.