The Omlet Guide to Keeping Chickens

This is a fantastic resource of advice, tips and essential information on everything chicken. As well as everyday care of your pet you can find out about the origin of the species, the names of some famous fighting chickens and how to give your chicken a bath - without ruffling its feathers. We hope you enjoy it!

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Edward, 31 October 2015

I love bantams we are getting six beautiful hens

Samantha, 23 August 2015

Having chickens is addictive !! We started off with 5 ex battery hens and 4 ex commercial free range hens and they have been an absolute joy. A year later and we have hatched 4 clutches of pure bred marans, cream legbars, and araucana to add to our flock. For anyone considering having chickens, I would say go for it. Just be prepared to have double the amount you imagined you would have !!!

Angela, 3 August 2015

My friend has chickens and ŵe have just moved to a large villa and are considering them too...

James, 17 April 2015

hens are amazing I love them one time my sister found a bird egg (its mother died) and our hens tried to hatch it

Your, 28 December 2012

WE have been keeping chickens over two years and love them.we have one eglu for our 5 big girls and cockral and have just order another one for our bantams we have two baby cockrals and at the mo 3 girl when there new home arrives we are going to buy some more 3 girls love fresh eggs cant beat them .Eglus are so easy to keep clean and are nice and cosy WORTH EVERY PENNY.XXX

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