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Cindy, 4 April 2020

What do you do to keep warm in winter. Doesn’t look like this would allow for a heater.

Melissa, 22 March 2020

Can I get width dimensions for the chicken coop?

123Shirkey, 28 November 2019

The people here at the house trailer has 5cats 2roostets and 9 dogs living in the r e home the phone number for these people 304-897-8196her name is Debbie grogg and Xena grogg

Karen, 28 October 2019

Looking to purchase silkies for pet for delivery

Abigail, 5 August 2019

We just bought an Eglu cube. Very good piece of equipment but instructions can be confusing. The chickens also have to be trained to use the ladder up to the coop, but this can be done easily enough. Overall, I'd give it a 7 out of 10. Definitely worth it.

Sue, 27 July 2019

My husband recently purchased English go up and extra 1 metre run extension and extra shade, all fantastic

Jason, 20 March 2019

Looking for chicken s for sale

Vicky, 11 March 2019

I've just bought a s/h Eglu Classic for my and children and I to keep 2 hens in. I'm so excited and so are the kids. I

Catherine, 16 November 2018

Hi All I am a new mother hen to 2 rescued 11 month old girls Itchy & Scratchy and am in desperation for a second hand Eglu and run !. I can't afford a new one, I live in an area where there are foxes everywhere,anytime of day & night. I fret so much, I have a make shift small run & they nest down in an old rabbit hutch at night,as you can imagine it's not ideal but it will do for the moment. I would appreciate if anyone can help my plea, I love Omlet products just out of my price range. Hopefully someone has upgraded and has an old Eglu & run that they would give free to my hens.

Nicola, 24 March 2018

The brand is very reliable and my girls love their new Go-Up and run. They have been so much warmer this winter. It was all so easy to put together. I certainly recommend Omlet products.The feeders certainly stay cleaner and we don't end up with layers pellets scattered all over the lawn and then wasted. Thanks Omlet!

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