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Comments for Should I Get Another Guinea Pig If One Dies?

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Wendy, 14 September 2021

Iv just lost my guineapig this morning my other piggy’s looking for him how do I comfort him as he doesn’t understand .lm so sad as they are all I have left .can he live on his own .my cream will always be missed I’m just worried about peaches.after losing two dogs lost one 2014 then 2019 the hurt doesn’t go away

Arwen, 9 April 2020

I had 2 guinea pigs both 6 days before 6 months old, and one of my guinea pigs died... and sadly he didn’t deserve one bit of stress or pain because he was the sweetest guinea pig in the world. He never bit anyone, and all he wanted was to be nice and warm by your neck. He got URI and Pneumonia and it was already too late to help him. I was very very sad when he died but I was happy that I gave him the best life I could, even though it was only 6 months, it was the best 6 months a piggy could ask for. If you read this much, thank you so much for listening and I wanted to ask... when should I get another piggy for my lone one? I will feel awful to get one too soon as I don’t want Peanut (my little boy who died) to feel replaced (which no one can replace either of them). Also, how can I get over the death of such a young guinea pig? please please help. Thank you. ????

Molly, 14 December 2019

A couple of days age sadly one of two brothers passed away and am not sure how much time I should wait until I get another one so he doesn't feel lonely with the lose of his brother

Corinne, 4 May 2019

today lost one of 2 Guinea pig brothers. Should I neuter existing 2year old male and get a female ? Or risk fights with a younger male one? Just want a companion for my lone male...What is best?

Amanda, 24 April 2019

i bought two guinea pigs about a year and a half ago and one of them had some issues and suddenly passed, although sometimes the two piggies fought they generally got along well. it only happened a day ago but i'm nervous that if i get another piggie the remaining one will become territorial and aggressive because thats how they were before. he seems mostly independent and doesnt have much problems being alone but im still not sure. any suggestions ?

Erica, 21 April 2019

Hi there, i use to have 2 guinea pigs. Penelope and Marsha-Mellow. last month Penelope passed away. She was almost 7, so as sudden as her passing was, i was happy that she lives so long and had a happy full life. but now Marsha is only 3 and im very tempted to get her another piggy friend. if i get her a baby piggy, i'll be stuck with the same issue on having just one piggy one day and if i adopt an older piggy, i dont want her new friend to be overly dominant like Penelope was. its looking like Marsha isnt depressed or overly upset about losing Penelope, but i do work full time and i dont want her to be lonely. for the good of my piggy, can you give me any advice about what i can do to keep Marsha happy?

Michelle, 17 March 2019

You may have sorted this now but I had the same issue as in the end they had to stay separated and we introduced a girl to each of them- it meant we had to have two cages but we didn’t mind

Nat, 18 January 2019

Hi We have boars- they lived happily together initially but now fight. Biting and circling with neither backing down. I have had to separate them. One male seems quite happy (the more inquisitive of the two) but the other seems lonely. I’m not sure I can reintroduce them as I have failed twice. I can try again in the summer when they are back outside. Can anyone suggest a short term solution for a lonely Guinae please?

Laban, 27 December 2018

I had the same situation a couple of days ago sadly :(. I don’t know what to do either.

Anju, 13 December 2018

Hi, pls help me in deciding best for my lonely guinea pig. I had two female guinea pigs. This morning unfortunately one of them died. Now my other guinea pig is lonely and sad in her cage. Pls Suggest me what best can I do for her?