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How Much Does Guinea Pig Neutering Cost?

Both females (sows) and males (boars) can be neutered. Costs for neutering guinea pigs vary, but the operation will normally cost around $60 per guinea pig. Bear in mind that you'll only need to neuter one of the sexes if the aim is simply to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Sows can be neutered via a sterilization injection, while boars require a surgical operation. But is the operation actually necessary?

Any operation is stressful for a guinea pig and not without its dangers, so if possible you should keep guinea pigs in single-sex combinations. This precludes the possibility of GP babies; although remember that segregation should never result in a single guinea pig being kept on its own. They always need company.

 Guinea pig adoption
A Teddy guinea pig looking for a new home

Female guinea pigs can become stressed when pregnant, and when confronted with hungry youngsters. Severe birth complications are not uncommon either. So, if you want young guinea pigs it may be best to consider adopting them. At any given time there are hundreds of guinea pigs of all breeds and ages looking for new owners in shelters across every State, so adopt rather than breed!

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Alina, 3 September 2022

Hi, someone mentioned lice on their piggies. How did you discover it? Sometimes my piggies scratch but they are very wriggly and I struggle to check their fur

Susan, 20 April 2021

I got a new piggy who is 3 months old. Would it be wise to wait til she is at least 6 months old before spaying. I want to prevent ovarian and uterine problems for when she gets older. I would like to think benefits outweigh risks. Im aware surgery on a piggy is risky

Tyla, 19 March 2020

I have two male guinea pigs that are 5 and 7 months old. My long hair guinea pig Bailey (7 months old) has lice. I wasnt able to find lice on Avery (5 months old). I want to take then to the vet to get something to get rid of the lice. How much will the vet trip for both of my Guniea Pigs cost and how much will the treatment for them cost?