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Can I Get Another Guinea Pig If I Already Have One?

Guinea pigs are herd animals, so you always need at least two - and with no upward limit apart from what practicalities of space, time, and finances allow!

It may take time for guinea pigs to get used to each other if they are not from the same litter, but they'll get there in the end.

Guinea pig companions
Guinea pigs need the company of other guinea pigs

For more tips and advice on introducing guinea pigs to one another, have a look at the Making Introductions section of this guide.

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Dorian, 23 June 2021

So my other Guinea pig died and I don’t know if I should give my other guinea pig Away

Lucy, 25 April 2020

I got 2 female guinea pigs a few months ago I was thinking about getting another I want to get a male but I don’t want to traumatize my two females what should I do ?

Debbie, 13 April 2020

I sadly lost one of my guinea pigs on Saturday, my other one is eating but not drinking as her water bottle is still full. I have now also put a small bowl of water in the cage to encourage her to drink. She has been enjoying cucumber which is water based. How long shall I wait before intervening