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How Much Do Guinea Pig Vet Bills Cost?

Guinea pigs rarely need to visit a vet - if they are kept in a top quality enclosure and fed a healthy diet, that is.

As your guinea pigs will generally be very active and healthy, you may be able to spot when something is wrong (although they hide illness surprisingly well). If your pet is limping, for example, is not eating very much, isn’t leaving many droppings, or seems to be very tired in the day, or in pain, these are all things that call for a trip to the vet.

 Guinea pig health
Your guinea pigs should be fit and healthy

Guinea pigs are stoical. Being herd animals, they sometimes hide injuries in order to minimize any sign of weakness, as this would make them stand out as easy prey for potential predators. This means that when you notice something wrong with your pet, then it could be at a late stage, and so getting your guinea pig to the to the vet becomes a matter of urgency.

Vet bills vary drastically between treatments and veterinary practices. Some serious problems can cost hundreds of dollars. A regular checking routine is therefore very important, and you may want to take out pet insurance too, to cover potential costs. Check out our Guinea Pig Illness section for more info on some of the commoner illnesses and ailments, along with further advice on how to give your pet a good health check.

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Sara, 30 May 2020

How can i get safe pet non toxic paints and woods for my guinea pigs toys

Guinea, 30 July 2018

This is very useful. I have had guinea pigs nearly two years now and I was wondering how much a checkup would cost so thank you!

Jermiyah, 14 May 2018

I love this website because it gives me all the information i need to know about a guinea pig,,,,,,,,!!!!!!