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Danielle, 14 September 2012

Thanks so much for the helpful information We just started with 2 call ducks and are enjoying htem very much!

Jan, 29 June 2012

Very informative - I have had chickens for 3 years but also want a few ducks and this gives me the info I need to keep them happy

Saad, 12 December 2011

nice info i like it because i did what yhey told and now my rabbit is not afraid of anyone

Martin, 5 November 2011

Brilliant. Sound advice delivered with humour. Like a good teacher.

Sanchia, 13 August 2011

found all the information really helpful thanck you :)

Nancy, 3 August 2011

thank you , the best animal health site i've ever looked at

Your, 2 August 2011

Very informative and helpful site. Only recently got chickens and they have been loving their new EGLU CUBE :)

Mandy, 11 June 2011

Very helpful site and easy reading. My four rabbits are my world and i have taken your good advice. Thank you x

Carolyn, 4 June 2011

have had our ducks for about 3-4 years .first real brood of eggs mum doing all the nesting ,hopefully ducklings in a few weeks .found this site very helpfull ,will let you know if we have any ducklings cheers

Gill, 31 May 2011

xlnt site- I commend it to all new chicken owners

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