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Mandy, 11 June 2011

Very helpful site and easy reading. My four rabbits are my world and i have taken your good advice. Thank you x

Carolyn, 4 June 2011

have had our ducks for about 3-4 years .first real brood of eggs mum doing all the nesting ,hopefully ducklings in a few weeks .found this site very helpfull ,will let you know if we have any ducklings cheers

Gill, 31 May 2011

xlnt site- I commend it to all new chicken owners

Beth, 18 May 2011

loved this site have two ailsberys of 5 yrs old 3 dogs who love them thinking of getting khaki campbells

Fiona, 13 May 2011

Short and to the point information. Thanks

Kate, 10 May 2011

great site, saving in my favorates for a later date for reference. Would like to see more on illneses and if there are reamadies I could use before a trip to very expencive vets!! excellent thank you x

Jenny, 3 May 2011

This site has been fantastic for gaining the basic knowledge I need to keep some hens of my own, thank you.

Sarah, 26 April 2011

Absolutely brilliant and i cant wait for my 3 chickens to arrive from you guys :)

Yvonne, 25 April 2011

Really informative and a fun read too - thank you

Sarah, 14 April 2011

Had Bunnies for years and what a useful site. thanks.

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