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Judy, 6 March 2021

I cannot find out who the bully is and sex linger and Americanas are the breed I have. Please tell me how do I find out who the bully is. I have already lost one of my Americanas.

Nicola, 2 February 2019

Great information for a newbie considering getting ducks for the first time. It's allowed me to consider it as a real possibility!!

Maria, 10 May 2018

Thank you. This article on duck eggs was just what I needed to read and I learned so much more. You wrote it in a way to easily remember. Caring and simple. I love my Muscovy. Now I won’t worry so much about all those eggs she keeps laying. I might even eat them! LOL

Penny, 5 February 2017

This was really informative and has made me feel very excited at the prospect of getting our own hens when we move to a small village later this month. I've even booked us on one of Omlets courses this month as a birthday treat for my husband (he'll never guess this treat!). Thank you Omlet.

Gill, 16 September 2016

Great information . Really helpful as I have just started keeping 3 lovely Aylesbury drakes and have never kept ducks before.

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