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Spring Has Sprung and the Grass Is Ris'...

...but rest assured that it won't "riz" too high if you have rabbits. A couple of enthusiastic bunnies munching away at it could soon make your lawn mower obsolete!

 Dutch belted Rabbit
Dreaming of spring - a Dutch Belted Rabbit

During this season, once the weather starts to warm up, you can bring any young rabbits that you kept indoors over winter outside to play. Older rabbits will start getting certain urges that rabbits are so famous for and pairs that can potentially breed will do so unless prevented by a trip to the vets. Males will start to fight as the hormones of breeding season start to kick in. If this gets too serious you should separate them.

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Kat, 18 May 2016

we have a bunny grass cutter .It cuts grass for the bunnies and the bunnies LOVE it!

Maisha, 25 November 2013

Thank you so much for all this I wanted to get a bunny and this tought me everything i need to know!

Julie, 10 December 2011