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Rabbit Care

All pets need regular care and attention, and rabbits are no exception to this rule. Luckily, this will never feel like a chore. It gives you a great chance to interact and form a bond with your bunnies.

Rabbit care
Rabbits make great pets

Every day you will need to feed your rabbits twice, check their water bottle, check that they are all healthy and clean and clean the lavatory section of their hutch. Some breeds will need daily grooming as well. On a less frequent, but still semi-regular basis, you will need to do a more thorough health check, groom them and clean out both their hutch and their run.

This section of the guide will give you all the basic information on rabbit care that we expand on in more detail in other sections, such as our illness pages, and in our food section. We recommend that you read this before you move to any more in-depth sections.

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