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Rabbit Hutches

If you plan on keeping your rabbits outdoors, they will inevitably be spending the vast majority of their time in their enclosure. For this reason it is crucial that you provide everything that they need to lead a happy and healthy life. A lot of owners opt for a hutch that comes equipped with it’s own run, as rabbits are surprisingly large animals and will need a fair amount of space to rid themselves of excess energy. Getting a hutch-run combo will save you the time of having to transfer your rabbits from one place to the next, and also allows them to go outside whenever they feel like it.

The Eglu is perfect for keeping rabbits

Even if you plan on keeping an indoor rabbit, a hutch is still necessary. Think of it as a sort of house, a place where they can sleep, eat and retreat to if they are feeling nervous or scared. Human houses can be a bit frightening for rabbits and they’ll always appreciate having a space of their own.

You will find a wide array of rabbit hutches both online and in pet stores, and whether you go for a modern one or a more classical one is up to you. We have information on both on here, as well as stocking our ever-popular Eglu, a modern hutch specially designed for rabbits.

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