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Karen, 16 October 2019

My finches are puffing up and dying could you give some advice please

John, 12 September 2019

If your canary's are used to being in an aviary with out side flite and inside flite the birds will acclimatize them selves with the weather summer and winter no heating is good for them they will molt according to the weather.

Stephen, 6 September 2019

I have a hexagonal aviary approx 4' across to which is a 4' extension.I have been looking for an aviary heater for the winter months,as I have varied breeds of finches.Can you recommend one,please.

Sue, 3 May 2019

Such a good learning tool.

Mushy, 9 April 2019

Your website is awesome

Randall, 26 March 2019

I have had several birds. I now want many in my aviary. Randall

Tom, 12 November 2018

Just starting with breeding canaries need advice

Alison, 15 August 2018

Hi i have baby finches in my aviary they have just hatched. Is there anything i need to do. Wasnt expecting to have babbies,

Peshraw, 4 February 2018

Very good website and I learned lot from you thanks

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