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Bringing a Pet Bird Home

The process of bringing a pet bird home is relatively easy and luckily only has to be done once per bird. You will need a suitable finch-carrying box and somewhere suitable to put it during the journey home. If you are buying a bird from a pet shop, chances are they will give you something to transport the bird in, some breeders may as well - yet bear in mind that this can’t be taken for granted and it is still best if you manage to get your own box.

Bird carrying box
A standard bird-carrying box

You can make your own box at home, a shoebox with a towel inside to stop the bird slipping around is a good and easy way to make one for yourself. The box should have plenty of air-holes, but be sure not to make them too big so that your newly bought bird doesn't escape on the very first day. You will also need a secure place to put the biox during the ride home, larger boxes can be fastened with a seatbelt and smaller boxes can simply be placed on a passenger lap. Be sure not to put the box in the trunk of your car, as the fumes emitted from your vehicle are deadly to such small birds.

it isn’t a good idea to transport new birds in a cage. Even cages with a cover to keep them calm aren’t a good idea as the contents will get shaken up too much which could potentially harm the bird.

Once at home, open up the box with the opening directly in the cage. The bird will move from A to B in his own time, don’t try to speed up the process by forcing your bird into the cage,as the car journey home will be stressful enough for thim and this will only add to that stress.

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