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Differences Between Males and Female Zebra Finches

As is the case with most of our avian friends, the hens and cocks can be differentiated by their colors. This is called sexual dimorphism. Cocks are much more colorful than their female counterparts. This is the result of natural selection over the course of millions of years, hens look for the male with the most striking colors when choosing a mate. Hens have a more dull set of feathers because, amongst several other reasons, this allows them to be more well hidden when sitting on their eggs in the nest.

Zebra Finch hen and cock
A pair of Zebra finches

Cocks sport several markings that are completely absent in hens - Orange cheek patches, thorat stripes, a black bar on the breast and flanks with a chestnut brown color dotted by white spots. Hens have grey feathers in these areas. Cocks also have a bright red beak whereas hens have more of an orange beak. Fledglings have the same coloration as hens, even if they are male, the one key difference is that the fledglings have black beaks which only bloom into their adult colors at around 90 days old or so.

With the large differences in plumage across the domesticated zebra finch variations, the classical male/female distinctions can be less obvious.

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Male Zebra Finch


Karen, 22 May 2020

what sex is a white zebra Finch with a black line across the chest?

Krishna, 20 February 2020

I want to know weather my finches is male or gemale

Nicolene, 21 December 2019

Please can you tell me how do I look at.the zebra.finches what is female and male like their mouths is the male red and the female orange