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Minimum Requirements

There are some minimum requirements for gerbil cages, which need to be fulfilled by whatever you’re thinking of using as an enclosure, whether you’re buying one from a firm or using something you already have.

gerbil cage requirements
There are some simple requirements that gerbil cages need to fulfil

Adequate space

Gerbils, in spite of being small, need lots of space for running around in. As they will spend much of their time in this enclosure, it needs to be big enough to provide the bulk of their entertainment and exercise.

Basic recommendations vary, but it’s best to get the largest size that you can afford. The bigger the better! It’s good to give each gerbil at least ten gallons of space, and to have a very deep enclosure. This will mean that you can fit in at least five or six inches of bedding, and they have adequate space to run around on top and next to it.


If you are at all worried whether or not the enclosure is safe or secure, then we cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not put your pets in there. If you think it’s unstable, has anything sharp that your pets can hurt themselves on, or has any holes in it, then don’t put your pets inside.

Home-made enclosures can be suitable if you or the person who built it really knows what they’re doing. If you’re not sure, then we recommend purchasing one from somewhere you know that they are well-made and will hold your pet safely.

safe enclosure
One of the most important things in a gerbil cage is that it is safe for your pets

Another key safety tip is to not purchase an enclosure with a lid that can fall into the enclosure. For example, if there is a lid on top of the cage that could fall down as you’re trying to lift it up. Gerbils are really tiny creatures that could be seriously injured by something falling on them. As well as lids, be sure to securely fix wheels and any toys so that they can’t come loose or fall off.

The right materials

It’s important that your gerbils’ enclosure is made of the right materials. Gerbils are excellent at escaping, and their sharp little teeth will make short work of thin plastic or wood. The wood will need to be safe for gerbils - if they gnaw on it it shouldn’t splinter easily, and they shouldn’t become ill from gnawing on it. It’s inevitable that they’ll have a little chew at some point!

Whilst intricate towers of plastic tubes look fun for kids, they’re not a very good option for a number of reasons - first, they can easily be chewed through, enabling your pet to escape. Second, a pregnant or slightly chubby or full gerbil could easily get stuck in one of the components. Third, a poorly-constructed section could break and seriously injure your pet in the process.


All gerbil cages need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. If the cage has lots of corners, they will be particularly prone to build-ups of dirt, and so it’s good to choose a model that you can clean with ease.

A private zone

Although your pets will enjoy your company, and the company of their gerbil friend, they also appreciate a private space that they can curl up in to briefly hide from the world. This could be a little house within the enclosure, or an extra-deep layer of bedding so that they can create their own little nest to hide in.

gerbil house
A house within a house - the perfect chill-out zone for your furry friend


Make sure the door or opening is large enough for you to get your hand in to reach all areas of the cage when cleaning it.


Having a properly-ventilated enclosure is very important, not only so that your pets can breath properly, but so that they can keep cool when the warm weather arrives. Anything with glass or plastic lids are very dangerous, as they often only allow a little bit of ventilation.

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