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Modern Options

The Qute is the modern alternative to traditional small mammal cages. It’s a specially-designed multi-storey unit, with a deep bedding tray at the bottom to provide your gerbils with all the space they need to tunnel and nest. There’s a handy tube that your pets can climb up to reach the top compartment - in the interests of safety, there are no wire ladders in the Qute.

The Qute comes free with lots of vital cage components such as a water bottle and a wheel

The Qute comes with lots of accessories - a food bowl, a solid wheel, and a water bottle. These fit in stylishly with the rest of the unit.

The Qute is designed to be easy to clean. First, make sure that all the waste from the top level has fallen through, and usher your pets into the upper compartment. Next, push up the lift n’ twist tube to prevent them coming back down. Then, simply remove the lower compartment, clean it, fill it with bedding and replace it. Unlock the tube, and you’re done!

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