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Traditional Options

There are hundreds of different gerbil cages out there, so we can’t cover the pros and cons of them all, but we’ve collected some information you might find useful when deciding which one to buy.

gerbil cages
Traditional or modern cage? Either, as long as they meet the basic gerbil requirements

Whichever cage you go for, it needs to fulfill the minimum cage requirements (read more about that on the Minimum Requirements page. Basically, it will need to be large enough, made of a safe material, and well-ventilated.

Plastic cages

These often look fun, clean and practical, but many are made of plastic which is too thin. Gerbils can escape from them if this is the case, simply by gnawing their way through. If you want a cage with plastic components, make sure that it’s a thick plastic, or a specially-created structure like the Qute.

Wire cages

These certainly have adequate ventilation, but on the downside they leave the enclosure vulnerable to drafts. Ony part of the cage should be wire, to give the gerbils somewhere draft-proof - i.e. it will need to have a deep plastic or wooden base in which you can put several inches of bedding.

You also need to make sure the wire bars are not too wide apart. Gerbils can squeeze through very narrow gaps.

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