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Where Should I Put My Gerbil Cage?

Gerbils need a peaceful space in which to live. Before you purchase an enclosure, you need to decide exactly where it will go, measuring the space, and making sure it’s somewhere that won’t be caught in the whirlwind of family life with all its noise and bustle.

So, you’ll need to select an environment that is quiet. Gerbils are very sensitive creatures, with very good hearing and an excellent sense of smell. They require a quiet room that doesn’t function as a family hub, with people constantly going in and out. Hallways, children’s bedrooms, and living rooms are therefore NOT ideal places.

gerbil needs
A quiet life - Gerbils don't thrive in busy, noisy rooms

Gerbils do not like constant background noise such as TVs and radios, or even running water. In addition to the loud noises we humans can pick up, gerbils can also hear ultrasound. These are sound waves emitted by things such as electronic devices and the movement of water through central heating pipes. This can all be very stressful for gerbils.

Room Temperature For Gerbils

Small mammals do not like fluctuations in temperature, so it’s best to find an area in your home with as few drafts and temperature variations as possible. This means keeping them out of direct sunlight – conservatories and sun rooms are particularly bad – as well as radiators and fireplaces.

Drafty spots are bad too. The cage needs to be kept away from poorly insulated or drafty spots, and away from air conditioning and other ventilation systems.

Gerbils and Other Pets

Gerbils are small and vulnerable, and the average cat or dog will view them as potential prey. Ferrets and snakes won't hesitate to make them into a quick snack either! A friendly dog may harm a gerbil simply by playing, so it's very important to keep the small furry pets away from the big hairy ones. Choose a room that is dog- and cat-proof - i.e. no easy-to-nudge-open door - as even something as subtle as silently staring into the cage (a cat speciality) can cause a gerbil to freak out.

Household Chemicals Dangerous For Gerbils

Laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and garages are not good places for gerbils due to the chemicals commonly found in them. They may not harm us, but they can be toxic for small pets. Certain detergents and cleaners, for example, are bad for their respiratory systems and can lead to infections, or even death.

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Claire, 21 September 2022

Would they be bothered by water pipes that are in the wall or under the floorboards or is it just pipes that I can see that I need to worry about. Also any room I can offer them will have a radiator in, which obviously has pipes coming off it. Will this be ok for them?

Jaelyn, 2 September 2019

There is one thing I am not sure of. There is only one room in the house that I would prefer to keep them in, and it’s my room. But it is next to the bathroom and I have electronics in there. There are really no other places quieter than in my room but I would say sometimes I am louder than usual inside. How sensitive exactly are they to loud noises?