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Best Cat Breeds With Children

Some breeds of cat are better suited to busy households – and children – than others. Even with the following breeds, though, you will still have to teach your children to respect the cat and not scare it, as mentioned in the previous section. If your kids respect the cat, they will earn her respect in return.

The following breeds are best with children – gentle, laid back, and affectionate:

A little girl holding her beautiful Abyssinian cat
The magnificent Abyssinian

Loyal, affectionate, and playful, Abyssinians are also very active and inquisitive. Their instinct for exploration will provide lots of entertainment. Highly intelligent, they usually respond well to clicker-training, and are one of the few breeds able to learn tricks.

2 - Burmese

A Burmese Cat sitting on a fence
A Burmese cat takes time out on a fence

Playful and affectionate, the Burmese is at ease in a busy household, and actively enjoys love and attention. They can even learn how to play fetch, like a pet dog.

A child friendly Maine Coon cat
A child friendly Maine Coon cat

Another loving and affectionate breed that adapts well to its place in a busy family. They have a sweet and gentle nature and can be very playful. Being fluffy, they are great cuddlers too!

4 - Manx

A child friendly tabby manx cat
A tabby Manx cat - no sting in the tail!

Manx cats are famous for the thing they don’t have – a tail! This actually makes them perfect for younger children, as there is no tail to pull. Like the Burmese, they can be taught to play fetch.

5 - Ragdoll

A Ragdoll Cat is good with children
The Ragdoll: friendly and docile, and therefore great with kids

Named after their habit of going “limp as a ragdoll” when picked up, this breed is every bit as docile as that trait would suggest. Affectionate and relaxed to the max, they are as child-friendly as you can get.

6 - Siamese

A Bluepoint Siamese Cat
A child friendly Bluepoint Siamese cat

Playful, sweet natured, and sociable, the Siamese has had a bad press on the strength of the sly specimens portrayed in the classic Disney film Lady and the Tramp. They are very entertaining and love to play with toys and explore every corner of the house.

7 - Persian

A three coloured Persian kitten that loves playing with children
A three coloured Persian kitten - looks funny, loves children

A very calm and playful breed. They like nothing better than seeking out human laps, and are known for being patient with boisterous children.

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Animals101, 16 July 2019

Scottish Folds would go well on this list as well. They go really well in a family, especially one with children. My neighbor has 3 kids and they get very calm when spending time with the family’s Scottish Fold.

Misaki, 28 June 2019

And Japanese Bobtails. Very affectionate and gentle. Good temperament.

Realuprisingyt, 26 October 2018

I think American Curls should be on here

An Omleteer, 13 July 2017

I would add Siberians to this list. They are patient, laid back, and love just being with children. We've owned many breeds, and the Siberian has been the best with boisterous kids by far.