Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Cat intelligence can’t be compared to human intelligence, or to dogs’ intelligence. A cat will be a cat, just as a human will be human and a dog will be a dog! In cats, the measurement is about how far from ‘instinctive’ behaviors the breed is able to go. Things like curiosity, the ability to adapt to new environments, and visible signs of mental stimulation are what sets the brainy puss apart.

These are some of the cleverest:

An adult Abyssinian cat lying down looking out of the window
An Abyssinian cat lying down and being... well... clever!

Confident, with an air of can-do superiority. They enjoy interacting with their owners and seem happiest when mentally stimulated.

2 - Siamese

A Siamese Cat lying down having a deserved rest
A Siamese cat - as clever as Disney portrayed her, but not as malicious!

If you had to vote, the Siamese would come on top as the most intelligent breed of all. They are mischievous – a trait painted in a malicious light in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp – with their inquisitive nature making them explore their surroundings with all the attention of a forensic scientist. Too clever for their own good? Nah! They’re superstars of the cat world!

3 - Bengal

A very clever and sociable Bengal Cat
The very clever and sociable Bengal cat

Sociable, with a great love of human interaction. They are very ‘talkative’ with their insistent meows. They love to jump and climb, exploring their surroundings. They often enjoy water, unlike most breeds, and can learn to play fetch.

4 - Burmese

An intelegent black Burmese cat who loves human interaction
A black Burmese cat, great lover of human interaction

They love human company and attention. They interact well with children and dogs too – friendly dogs soon come to accept them as another dog!

A clever and inquisitive Cornish Rex
Clever and inquisitive: the wonderful Cornish Rex

Another highly inquisitive breed, keen to explore every inch of their home. They enjoy playing with toys and will pester you for attention and participation in their games.

6 - Savannah

A highly active and intelligent Savannah Cat
The highly intelligent and restless Savannah cat

Highly active, with a love of play and the great outdoors. Walks on a leash help to keep them mentally stimulated. Their need for stimulation makes them more demanding than most breeds.

A Scottish Fold Cat who thrives off attention
A Scottish Fold cat - she wants your company!

Enjoys teaser toys and puzzle toys that test their mental capacity. They enjoy interacting with their owners and thrive on attention. Easily bored, so you will need to spend a lot of time with them.

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Joy, 24 November 2018

My husband has allergies to cats which cat do you recommend would be bes? I know there is know such thing as a true hypoallergenic cat.

Jessica, 11 November 2018

Hello! We are considering adopting an intelligent breed cat and are new to the process. What is the cost of the average special cat here on Omlet? Cant seem to find that info. Were looking for a cat who will be happy and content living indoors 95% of the time and who is probably not older than 6 or 7...we have a son who is 12 that loves cats and is wishing for one that he can keep and be connected to for as long as into the future of him evenatually leaving home. Weve recently (1 month ago) experienced the loss of his cat of 8 years, -he was primarily an outdoor cat toward about the last 3 years or so- and are hoping to begin again that amazing bond of child and cat connection that he had and just lost. Thank you for your help.

Jillian, 4 November 2018

I am looking for a hypoalergenic cat for my daughter. I am not sure where to look or who to ask . If I can get info on some breeders and prices and locations that would great.

Amy, 26 August 2018

I have a 2 year old Bengal who plays fetch no problem even with branches - and lays them at my feet. If I am on the computer for example and he can't get my attention - he leaps on my chest, inquiring into my eyes for a game or two! I grew up w Bengals and Siamese- Adore both!

Largest, 13 April 2017

Hey Such a good post. Learn about this intelligent cat breeds is really good for me. -Thank You

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