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Smallest Cat Breeds

These breeds are for those who want their cats to stay pocket-size forever, like slightly-grown-up kittens!

1 - Singapura

A Singapura Cat with beautiful green eyes lying down
A Singapura cat - the smallest of the lot

This is the smallest breed, weighing just 4-5lb. Pocket-sized but muscular, they are agile and mischievous.

2 - Munchkin

A beautiful Munchkin Cat with incredibly short legs
The Munchkin cat packs lots of energy into those short legs

This breed carries a gene mutation that gives it short legs. In spite of this, Munchkins are still agile and are fast runners. Don’t expect them to jump very high, though!

3 & 4 - Cornish Rex and Devon Rex

A Devon Rex cat showing off its wonderful pointed ear tips
A Devon Rex cat showing off its thoroughly royal good looks

If it’s small hypoallergenic breeds you’re looking for, these are the ones!

An American Curl cat with incredible back curled ears and green eyes
An American Curl cat with striking back curled ears and green eyes

Not tiny, but smaller than average, generally weighing in at 11Ib or less. The gene pool is diverse, though, and larger individuals are not uncommon.

6 - Siamese

A lovely siamese cat with beautiful blue eyes
A lovely Siamese cat with those famous blue eyes

Not pocket-sized, but very slim, lithe and light. Usually weigh less than 11Ib

7 - Balinese

A Balinese cat with an incredible black and white long coat
A Balinese cat taking time out... better get off the road, though!

As light and agile as the previous breed in the list – not surprising given that they are, essentially, a longhaired Siamese.

8 - The Dwelf

The rather unusual looking dwelf cat
The Dwelf cat - fresh from Middle Earth!

This cat is so ‘new’ hat it is not yet formally recognised as a breed. It combines the short legs of the Munchkin, the curled ears of the American Curl and the hairless body of the Sphynx cat. The name is a Tolkien-esque mixture of Dwarf and Elf.

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Stephanie, 22 May 2024

I’m looking for a small cat and I thought it was looking for perhaps a kitten, but I want a cat that can be loving and affectionate and follow my lead.

Ron, 30 January 2022

Actually the Toybob is the smallest domestic cat breed. It looks like a traditional Siamese (unrelated but with a bob tail). They aren't as vocal as Siamese cats. Extremely affectionate and terrific companions. Weighed my three Toybobs this morning. I do so infrequently. They are all adults and are fully grown now. Cosmos is the youngest and was born in June of 2020. Vlad, 5 lbs., 2 ozs. Elsie, 4 lbs., 6 ozs. Cosmos, 3 lbs., 14 ozs.

Rachelle, 18 November 2021

I’m looking for a small cat fur lil one for me and my family

Peggy, 25 October 2021

I have a blue cream tortie Himalayan. She is a pure bred. I believe the make who was borrowed to father the litter she was born into was too closely related to her. She is tiny. She never weights more than 4 lbs. She looks like a kitten at 18yo. She was tiny at birth, but too strong to be a runt. She has always been the BOSS no matter where she is it how big it mean the other animals were.

Arlette, 25 April 2020

I would like information on adopting a Wiindrunner Cattery muchkin.