Friendliest Cat Breeds

Friendly cats are not limited to the following breeds, but the ones listed here are among the sure-fire softies.

1 - Persian

The Persian cat is sociable and loving
The highly sociable and friendly Persian cat

Persian cats are friendly, sociable and can be very loving. They enjoy snuggling up with their favourite human and many have a very laid back and relaxed nature. This is definitely a cat that looks forward to you getting back from work so you can pay them some attention.

A silver spotted Exotic Shorthair Cat sitting in the garden
A silver spotted Exotic Shorthair cat brightening up the garden

Docile lap-lovers that crave fuss and affection. Not the most active of breeds, but definitely one for the owner who wants to cuddle their cat!

A friendly Abyssinian cat who loves to interact with people
The friendly Abyssinian cat loves to interact with people

Eager to greet you when you return home, and friendly with strangers and other pet cats too. Will come and check up on you regularly throughout the day, with reassuring meows!

4 - Burmese

A friendly Burmese cat who loves to curl up on the sofa
Burmese cats are laid back pets

Super-affectionate, they love curling up on the sofa with their favorite human.

A particularly vocal and friendly Maine Coon who loves the attention
A great big softie - the Maine Coon loves lots of attention

Confident and affectionate, without demanding attention (like certain other breeds!) Likes to hold a conversation, with a repertoire of meows.

6 - Ragdoll

A young Ragdoll cat with an adorable cuddly nature
The Ragdoll cat goes all floppy with pleasure when you go in for a cuddle

Friendliest breed? Quite possibly. Laid back and cuddly, the perfect companion cat. Affection + lap = happy cat.

7 - Sphynx

A wonderful friendly Sphynx Cat who loves to play
The striking Sphynx cat is a playful companion

The Sphynx is super-friendly, and is probably the most reliant on humans of all breeds.

8 - Non-Pedigree Cats

A cross-breed cat can be incredibly friendly if you treat it well
Many cross-breed cats prove to be as friendly as could be, given a loving home and plenty of attention

You might think finding a friendly cross-breed cat was a lottery. But the fact is, most cats will turn our friendly and affectionate as long as you treat them right and show lots of affection yourself.

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Narteacha, 30 July 2020

Thank you for shearing the info was greatly appreciated.

Jan, 10 February 2020

I have four cats, Milo a very large ginger boy from a kitten, mum was a British shorthair who escaped temporarily and Milo was the result, a friendly boy with teddy bear appearance. Gemma my beautiful blue bicolour, now called Duchess as she rules the roost. She was adopted from a breeder because she disliked the other cats but after three weeks and having similar disposition Gemma and Milo were happy together. That is, until Body came into the family, a six month old Siamese rescue from Portugal, life for the other two became a constant desire to keep away from his desire to jump on them and Gemma boxed his ears on many occasions Enter number 4 another rescue from Portugal, a little Siamese cross Bengal. We called her Clover but it should have been Luna for lunatic, she climbed everywhere doesn’t run downstairs but prefers to roll, antagonises two male cats who do there best to keep her in order but this is usually left to Gemma who refuses to tolerate nonsense. So there they are. 11,8,2 and one year old. Enough cats for anyone until the next one arrives ????????????????

Belinda, 31 December 2019

I had a huge ginger which my son bought home with a plate of cold porridge. He was absolutely feral with anyone but us. Had him deeded which helped. He was so vicious he would fight opossums. Apparently he liked it though. Come home covered in scratches and gouged. I had an ongoing account ( always behind) with the vet who liked his staunchness too. He was gentle with my son and then the baby. And he hated men. )) Clever cat

Mayson, 24 November 2019

I have a mainecoon Male and he is the sweetest thing hes great around kids and really well around other animals but he did pick a favorite person which is me lol even though hes my moms cat but he is just so sweet and he loves anyone who gives him some food haha

Damian, 1 November 2019

Don’t forget the Russian Blue! I help take care of darling little cat that is mostly (or maybe all) Russian Blue and she can be friendly almost like some dogs once she gets to know you. From what I’ve read Russian Blues are known for their pleasant disposition.

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