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Keeping Chickens in West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

We’ve compiled a list of major cities and their chicken keeping laws in West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Laws are always subject to change, so be sure to visit your city’s website or zoning office to obtain the most up to date information. And, even if you don’t live within city limits, you may be subject to county laws. If you don’t see your city or county of residence listed, contact your appropriate office to verify if there are laws that apply to keeping chickens.

West Virginia

West Virginia has cities with vague laws regarding keeping chickens. Contact your city’s office for the most current laws and regulations to keep chickens in your backyard.

  • Charleston - no specified limit; no roosters; contact the city to see if a permit is required
  • Huntington - no specified limit; roosters not specified; permit required
  • Morgantown - up to 2 hens, but more with the written consent of neighbors; permit may be required
  • Parkersburg - no chickens allowed
  • Wheeling - chickens allowed with a permit from the city, but numbers are not specified
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All of these Wisconsin cities are in agreement with their chicken keeping laws. The cities on our list all allow 4 hens, prohibit roosters, and require the appropriate permits to have a backyard flock.

  • Green Bay - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Kenosha - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Madison - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Milwaukee - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Racine - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required


Wyoming has a broad range of laws across its cities when it comes to keeping chickens. Permits are common when keeping chickens in Wyoming, and the allowed flock sizes vary.

  • Casper - up to 6 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Cheyenne - up to 6 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Evanston - no official limit on hens; no roosters; permit may be required
  • Gillette - up to 15 chickens, depending on zone; roosters not specified; permit required
  • Green River - chickens aren’t generally allowed, but a permit can be issued to obtain chickens
  • Jackson - no chickens allowed
  • Laramie - up to 12 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Riverton - up to 12 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Rock Springs - no chickens allowed
  • Sheridan - for properties less than 1 acre, contact the city; lots of at least 1 acre are allowed 10 chickens per acre; permit required

Omlet and your flock

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Luke, 25 May 2023

your website lists Beckley as allowing chickens with no limits on number, and allowing roosters. I have been talking with city, Council members, and the consensus is that chickens are prohibited within Beckley city limits. While they are allowed in the 1971 Version of Citi Card, a more recent nuisance and kennel ordinance prohibits them. I am wondering where you were information is from, and if you have resources for citizens are interested in changing City code.

Jessica, 5 April 2022

Are you aloud to have chickens in Farmington WV and if so how many do you have to have at once can you just have one